Organic Balloon Wall

Balloon Kings is at it again with another breathtaking piece! This time, Balloon Kings was apart of a fabulous event that took place at one of our favorite locations in Manhattan, Flour Shop, a super fun and delicious bakery. GHD HAIR used Balloon Kings to be the vocal point of their event, to promote their hair product campaign through a unique balloon wall. Our team assembled an organic rainbow wall completely out of our best biodegradable balloons! The total number of balloons used for this project was estimated to be over 2,000 of various pastel colors, as balloons were even inside balloons! This was a fun and thrilling project for the team to work on together, as it was manufactured in our Balloon Kings store located on the W 80th Street and then brought to the event location in our van. This project took the team about 6 hours to create and it was worth every minute of it!

Balloon walls are a great backdrop for photos, as well as a fantastic statement piece at any type of event! Above you can watch, from beginning to end, how this piece came to life and went out our doors! The Balloon Kings team loves creating beautiful works of art that keep our customers happy and coming back!