Balloon Kings worked with EOS to make their 10th anniversary awesome! We were lucky enough to have worked with EOS this summer, doing multiple projects for a huge event. When King Gene was asked, “How many balloons were used for this project?”, he responded, “Too many to remember!” But seriously, we used over 15,000 balloons for this project and 48 hours of man power. Thanks to our amazing Kingdom we were able to take, prepare, and build this order in 4 days. It was all hands on deck to execute EOS’ vision for their 10th anniversary event.

This project consisted of 13 mosaic letters, 6 humongous balloon garlands ranging in over 18 colors, and 3 5” foot tall hearts. Projects like these take days to prepare, from the sketch drawings, to the frames the balloons with be placed in, to the blowing up of each and every balloon, and then finally putting it all together.

Keeping our Balloon Kings team organized and using a production line kept this project running smoothly. The Balloon Kings team was on sight for approximately 8 hours for this installation making sure everything was executed to the best of our abilities. The Balloon Kings team is professional and easy to work with for on-sight installation, making your day as stress-free as possible. Our team worked together to make every little detail a big part of the finishing project.

We appreciated working with EOS and creating a breath-taking event for their special day. We love doing huge projects that bring the entire Balloon Kings team together. These events are memories we will share with our customers forever. We hope work with EOS again really soon!

Take a look at some pictures from this crazy day of our hard-working staff and the beautiful finished product!