Hilton Float - Pride Month

Not once, not twice, but three times!!

It’s a time to honor the individuals who fought long and hard for the rights and visibility that the many members of the LGBTQ+ community enjoy this month — while also reminding us that the fight is in no way over, and that there are communities across the U.S. and the world who have yet to feel that they have any reason to celebrate.

Balloon Kings worked with Hilton, as well this Pride Month, to spread more joy across the LGBTQ communities by creating this amazing float three times in three different locations. The Balloon Kings team traveled as far as Virginia for one of the floats! The Balloon Kings team worked outside the store from beginning to end for this project in the summer heat. From blowing up the balloons to assembling the final product, it was all done on site. The Balloon Kings team can work in many different settings, adjusting to the new environment.

Below is a video of the hard work and fun put into this project!