​Assembling and Delivering Balloon Happiness

Ever wondering how Balloon Kings delivers there humongous balloon creations from the store to their event location? Well, most of our deliveries are done with our one of kind Balloon Kings’ van. The Balloon Kings van surprisingly can fit a lot more balloons than you would think. Arches, columns, garlands, and much more are blown up, and assembled right here in our store and than transported fully assembled or in pieces to the events. Arches are one of our most popular requests and we like to think we have mastered this creation, as we create the arches in the store and move it right into our van. This process leaves pedestrians walking by speechless, as it seems like our van turns into Mary Poppins’ bag. If you have every come into our store while we are assembling an arch or column or garland, you have seen first-hand how we utilize our store to the best of it’s abilities. Creating and assembling most of our big and unique balloon projects in house make coming to the location for delivery less stressful for the customer, and more productive for our team. Balloon Kings does it’s best to deliver on time or early, so your special day is as smooth as possible, taking into consideration delivery time and set-up time. If you ever see the Balloon Kings van driving around, know that we are delivering balloon happiness across the tri-state area and give us a wave!