Unique Organic Unicorn Mosaic

From letters to unicorns to whatever our customers can imagine, anything can be created with a little hot glue, foam boards, and the love from our Balloon Kings team. By utilizing foam board, Balloon Kings can creature unique structures that fit any party or event theme. Using organic balloons and air to allow this masterpiece to last a lot longer than one single night. With only the help of two of our finest stewards, this plain foam board became a unicorn within minutes. With our wide selection of balloon color options, and the customers choice in size a 48” tall unicorn was created. A decor piece like a unique balloon mosaic is an eye catcher and will have people saying, “Wow, that is so different and beautiful!?!” Balloon Kings wants to be able to provide any balloon decor imaginable for our customers and that is why the kingdom is expanding it’s expertise and making projects like this, possible. Like many of our other big balloon assemblies, this structure was assembled and filled with balloons all at our store and ready for the event at delivery, no installation necessary. Balloon Kings is continuing to grow in balloon knowledge, event size, customer satisfaction, and hopefully will soon be in many more locations other than just the Upper West Side of Manhattan. At Balloon Kings, we do more than blow up balloons, we create art that can only be done with our creativity and passion. Balloon Kings has become a kingdom filled with creative minds, and talented and hardworking knights that can carry out the Balloon Kings’ dream with professionalize and knowledge. We hope that our customers keep coming to us with crazy balloon visions, so can continue to bring them to life.