Balloon Ceilings!!

Balloon Ceilings!!

Nov 25th 2019

If you ever want to spice up an event or party, a balloon ceiling is the answer! For a Bat Mitzah, we changed a boring ceiling into a holographic, organic balloon ceiling. A balloon ceiling is an easy way to transform any room into a masterpiece with plenty of photo opts, especially with lights reflecting off the disco balls.

This project required only 200 latex balloons ranging in size. In the video, it looks as though it has thousands of balloons to make this balloon ceiling possible, but no! 200 balloons is all you need! Also for this event, the Balloon Kings team went on-site from start to finish. All production was done by 4 team members on-site from blowing up to assembling. The entire process took a total of 6 hours, 11a.m. - 5p.m for the party next day.

To spice up this balloon ceiling we added 100 disco ball foil balloons to create the illusion of a disco ball in the middle of the dance floor.

This project could have been blown up in our store as well, but if the venue is able to allow us on-site for all our production stages, our team takes full advantage of it. 6 hours on-site could have been 8 hours off-site with packing the van and transportation. So, we are very grateful for the opportunity to work on-site with some of our best team members.

Thank you @floriehupperdesign for this opportunity and @karioterophoto for the stunning photos!

Teamwork makes the dream work!